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∷ IFS-HL01
Product Attributes:
High Luminous Flux: The Lumen for 4300K is 3200Lm~3600Lm;
Long Lifetime: 2250 hours, light fade<20%;
Quick Start: Reach 20% of objective luminous flux within 1 second,while 80% of objective luminous flux within 4 seconds;
Low Power Consumption: 35±1W, total power consumption<41W;
Constant Switch Times: >100000 times.

Product Details

Product Name: IFS-HL01

Base: H1 HID Xenon Bulb 

Product Feature:
1. HID has three times higher brightness than halogen lights, which significantly improves driving vision at night and in the fog. The luminous flux of HID is 2 times higher than halogen, and the same time,the efficiency of electric energy transformation into light is increased by 70% or more, so xenon lamps have a relatively high energy density and light intensity, while the operating current is only a half of that of halogen. The increased brightness also effectively extends the visual range of the car in front, thus creating a safer driving condition.
2. Power of HID lamp is only 35W, compared with halogen lamps, saving nearly half of electricity consumption. At present, the rapid development of automotive electronic products brings pressure to automotive power supply system.  In a car headlamp is the most power-hungry devices, so it is necessary to reduce the power consumption of a single device. HID headlamps can make power supply of cars more smoothly, ensuring the safety of driving electronic systems.
3. HID has a life up to 3000 hours, about eight times as that of halogen lamps. With the rapid popularity of road transport network and extension of distance between people's residence and work place, the opportunity to driving at night increases and  the frequency of using headlamps grows, therefore, people have higher demand for the life of light source.
4. 15 months quality guarantee.

Product Specifications:
Bulb type:D1S、D1R、D2S、D2R、D4S、D4R、H1、H3、H4、H7、H8、H9、H10、H11、H13、9004  9005、9006、9007、880、881
Color temperature:3000K、4300K、5000K、6000K、8000K、10000K、12000K or above, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Golden, Light Blue, Deep Blue, Green Blue and so on.

Mainly used in automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles, as the head lamp, high beam lights and low beam lights.
Safer Driving-Better reflection of road signs, even in bad weather, Xenon lights help you see front sight, sooner and better.
Relaxed Driving-Daylight white light, compared to the yellowish light from traditional lights, Xenon’s bright white light is much closer to natural daylight, which helps reduce the eye fatigue normally experienced while driving long distance at night.